Solar Eclipse

moon sun
Last week in Europe there was a solar eclipse.
Is the moon the same size as the sun? No. What you see is a wonderful illusion.
To show this, Marlaco and Fahmo photographed the big blue ball and the baseball. If the baseball is close, and the big blue ball is far away, they look the same size. But as Marlaco shows, the blue ball is much bigger than the baseball. It is the same in a solar eclipse. The moon looks like it is the same size as the sun, because it is so much closer to earth. It’s pretty amazing, and we look forward to the solar eclipse that will be coming to North America in 2017!

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Running in the LMMS Hallways!

Fahmo and Kamron are doing track at LMMS. Writes Kamron: “In track we went to where the Red Claws play. It is so big there. At LMMS we run laps in the hallways. It is fun and many people are doing track. It is my first time with the 7th grade: it is awesome.”
“I am really enjoying it,” says Fahmo. “Practice is very hard, but we need to get ready for the track meets.”
As you can see in the picture, Fahmo is so fast she is just a blur.

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a welcome visit

Last week our students went over to Mackworth Island for the regional basketball tournament. It was good to see our old friends on the island. Several former students and staff were there for the tournament. Before the first game, we joined the second grade class before lunch, and had great fun reading to the students. Each LMMS/MECDHH student did a great job with reading to a second grader. It was a nice learning experience for everyone.

kam read

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Greetings from the MECDHH program at LMMS.
We are half way through the year already, and it has been a very productive year so far.
The LMMS community is a very diverse one, and we have all been made to feel very welcome.
The students are all working hard, and we are seeing growth in literacy and numeracy skills.
We will use this blog to upload more specific information regularly for the rest of the school year, to keep you up to date with cool things that are happening here.
More soon. Rob Gillies and Christy Callahan

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the view from the cafeteria

In science class, we stress the importance of looking carefully, observing, and predicting. The technology we have is a great tool to help develop these skills.
After such a long, cold, hard winter, it was nice to finally see spring arrive here on Mackworth Island. Earlier in the school year we made a film showing the colors of fall. Then in May we set up our camera at the same place in the cafeteria, and spliced our clips together to make this movie. You might see a fox or two at the beginning!

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Fahmo’s Missing Star

Here is a movie we made earlier in the year, using some vocabulary we learned in class.

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Telling A Story

Marlaco and Fahmo have been working on some new vocabulary. We used some of that vocabulary to make these short films.

It looks like we have some great budding actors!

Here is Marlaco’s short movie:

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Kamron’s ASL story

The grades 3 – 5 class has been working on developing stories with setting, characters and dialog. We use a picture as a prompt, and then students create stories about the picture. They try and consider what happens before, and after the picture. The students can take an iPad and find a quiet place to record an ASL version of their stories.

This is one of Kamron’s stories. We hope you enjoy it.

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These are the students from the grades 3-5 class. Slide1

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Welcome to the kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2 Blog

We will be adding news soon…

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