Preschool News 4/5/13





We enjoyed our topic, Weather and Seasons and the related activities in our developmental centers. In our morning meetings, we reviewed the four seasons, our vocabulary and weather songs on the smartboard. We worked hard on developing different math skills, all related to the weather and the seasons, such as counting, patterns, shapes, measuring and graphing. We also worked on writing skills such as cutting, and drawing pictures of different weather. In our dramatic play, children had fun being the weather reporter for ‘television’! We had a nice art project on trees in the four seasons, and we were very busy at the sensory table.

We read the story Caps, Hats, Socks and Mittens by Louise Borden, which is about the four seasons.

Next week, we will continue our spring unit. Through this unit, we are fulfilling certain Maine Early Childhood Guidelines such as:

  1. Mathematics: Begin to recognize, copy, extend, and create simple patterns
  2. Science: Expand knowledge of and respect for their environment.
  3. Creative Arts: Use different art media and materials.

Our new vocabulary for next week will be: jacket, sneakers, short sleeves, raincoat, umbrella, puddle, kite, flowers, garden, seeds, rainy, cloudy, stormy, rainbow, lightning, sunny, and cool temperature. It should be exciting and fun!

**Important Dates**

April 15-19 – NO SCHOOL; Spring Break

May 22 – NO DAYCARE due to Staff Development (all children dismissed by 12:30)

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you MONDAY!!

~The Preschool Team~

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