Wind & Water: Week Two

Energy was high this week at the Mackworth Island Preschool,  we all enjoyed continuing to explore the relationship between wind and water.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 9.21.31 PM

This week in the drama center, we focused on caring for pets! We added a veterinary office, with an life-size dog X-ray, an operation table, multiple medical tools, animal beds and a cash register. Students had a great time using their imagination and becoming veterinarians, doctors, patients and ambulance drivers. This was one of the most popular centers this week in the Ocean and Forest rooms.

IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0155  IMG_0167IMG_0164 IMG_0172 2

At the water table, we continued to experiment with water. This week we added water wheels. The students enjoyed figuring out how to best make the water wheel rotate! We discovered that the amount of water you pour onto the water wheel, effects the speed of rotation of the wheel.

At the art table and easel, we painted and experimented with water and color. We did marker painting in box lids and laminating film sheets. In both these projects we noticed how the color spread when mixing it with water!IMG_0146 IMG_0166


This week we continued Reading Gilberto and the Wind and One Dark Night. We also introduced a new story about a family of rabbits called, Rabbits and Raindrops.
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Just a reminder, school is closed Monday January 19th. We hope everyone has a great long week, and we will see you Tuesday!

The Mackworth Island Preschool Team

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