Color: Week 1

Dear Parents,


 We have had such a fun filled week exploring the world of color! We designed our own t-shirts at the easel, we experimented with food coloring, water, and soap bubbles at the water table, and we pretended to go to the Laundromat at our dramatic play center. Next week, we will continue learning about colors. Some of the concepts we will touch upon include:

  1. Color is one thing that makes our world beautiful, both in nature and through art. Different colors and designs appeal to different people.
  2. Paints and dyes are used to color other things and are mixed to make new colors.
  3. Color variations provide many different shades and hues.


Our new story readings with week will include The Lion and the Little Red Bird, by Elisa Kleven and Mouse Paint, by Ellen Stoll Walsh. The Lion and the Little Red Bird is a charming story about a lion that paints with his tail. The little red bird can’t figure out why his tail keeps changing colors. At the end of the story, the lion brings the little red bird to his cave where he has painted a beautiful mural. This story relates to concept 1 listed above. Mouse Paint is a story about three white mice playing in primary colored paints. After stepping in the different colored paints, they realize that when you mix two colors together, you can make a new color. This story relates to concept 2 listed above.

We look forward to continuing this unit next week, and to some warmer weather! Spring is on its way!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Bethany, Ms. Cathy, and Ms. Katie

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