April 10th Newsletter

April 10th , 2015


Dear Parents,


Our students have been enjoying restaurant week and have made some seriously delicious meals for us teachers! We can’t wait for next week though when we will be learning about the Very Hungry Caterpillar and all the foods he ate to grow to be big and strong. We will be discussing the life cycle of a butterfly and how just like us, we change as we grow! We hope to get a lot of outdoors time to explore the island and learn about our natural environment. Please continue to send your child to school with a pair of boots as the ground is FINALLY becoming muddy! Spring has sprung!


Activities we will be doing this week include:


  1. We will be making both a butterfly and a caterpillar headband
  2. We will be printing our own caterpillars using mixed media
  3. We will be having different food items in the sensory table, along with some bugs (fake), and dirt!
  4. We will be doing insect yoga!
  5. And many other fun activities!


The book we will be reading is:


The Very Hungry Caterpillar   by Eric Carle

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