May 1st Newsletter



Dear Parents,


In Unit 5, our children enjoyed exploring shadows and reflections, using observation, experiments and books to learn what makes a shadow and a reflection.


Next week, we will continue our unit on shadows and reflections: Some of the concepts that we will learn about include:

  • Objects vary in the amount of light they allow to pass through, and in our ability to see through them. These variations are given the names opaque, translucent, or transparent.
  • Shadows are dark areas made when light is blocked by an object – light coming from behind the object blocks the light, which creates a dark area in front of the object.
  • Opaque objects block light completely and cast very dark shadows. Translucent objects allow some light to pass through, but not all. They create lighter shadows. Light passes through transparent objects easily, and no shadows are cast, as a consequence.
  • Shadow sizes vary, depending on how close an object is to the light source. Bigger shadows result when the object is closer to the light source; smaller shadows are created when an object is farther away from a light source.




Next week, our story readings will include Dreams and Kitten for a Day by Kzra Jack Keats.



May 25—————- Memorial Day NO SCHOOL


We hope you all have a restful weekend!

Ms. Cathy, Ms. Bethany, and Ms. Katie

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