May 22 Newsletter






Dear Parents,


We enjoyed the song, “Five Little Ducks” during our morning meetings and had fun counting down as first five little ducks, then four, then three, then two, then one go out to play, not to return. Sadly, Mother Duck waits alone through all four seasons until spring returns and with it her five ducks, all grown up-along with their new families of baby ducks. We look forward to continuing our third week learning about “Things That Grow”.


Some of the concepts we will learn next week include:

  • Some animals- mammals – are born alive and require a variety of supports to grow into their mature, adult forms. Mammals’ bodies are covered with hair, and their mothers produce milk. As mammal babies get older, they learn to eat other foods, such as fruits and vegetables which they must learn to chew and swallow.
  • Plants, animals, and people grow at their own pace. Various phases of a human’s development are given specific names, such as infant or baby, toddler, child, and adult.



Our story readings next week will be I  Heard Said the Bird, by Polly Berrien and Bigger by  Daniel Kirk!        





May 25th —————————Memorial Day NO SCHOOL

June 18th__________________PotLuck 5:30-7:00PM


Have a restful weekend!

Ms. Cathy, Ms. Bethany, & Ms.Katie

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