Things that Grow Week 3

During our morning meetings, we have been singing/signing “The Green Grass Grows All Around.”  It is quite a lengthy song, but be sure to ask your child if they know it!

We have been focusing more on things that grow by adding a plant nursery in the drama centers.  The children loved picking up artificial flowers from the pretend flower beds.  They made lovely floral arrangements for each other!

DSCN1711 DSCN1709 DSCN1713 DSCN1715 DSCN1719 DSCN1722 DSCN1727 DSCN1729 DSCN1728

In addition to discussing about flowers and plants growing, we have started shifting our conversations around human growth.  We began this by reading “I Heard Said the Bird” and “Bigger”.  These two stories introduced the concept of a new baby.  We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the children talk about their new siblings, etc.!

On Thursday we had two baby visitors named Ruby and Jack so the children could have a Q & A panel with them.  Examples of questions asked:  ”How old are you?”  ”Can you walk?”  ”Do you have hair?”  ”Do you wear diapers?”  We enjoyed seeing them tremendously!

corri1 corri2


We also had another baby for Q & A panel on Friday with a a baby named Rhodes.  We encouraged the children to draft new questions which included:  ”Can you talk?”  ”Do you like watermelon?”  ”Can you write?”  Rhode’s father showed us a slideshow with pictures of Rhodes from birth to 16 months.  We observed many changes such as the umbilical cord, the hair growth, and the teeth!  Afterwards, we asked Rhodes whether he liked to dance, and he showed us he did during a short dance party!

DSCN1773 DSCN1775 DSCN1778 DSCN1779 DSCN1780 DSCN1781 DSCN1782 DSCN1783





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