Let’s Take a Look!

For the first week of school we focused on the book, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. This story highlights a sweet, preschool aged raccoon who is feeling nervous about going to school and being without his mother. The little raccoon’s mother assures him he will make plenty of friends, enjoy playing new games, and will have fun learning new and exciting things. She gives him a kiss in the palm of his paw so he can carry it with himself throughout the day. If he feels lonely he can press his palm to his cheek to feel his mother’s love.

Transition is always a difficult thing for both the children and the parents. We have already noticed an enormous difference at drop-off every morning; those children who were timid to leave their families are feeling confident and excited to begin their day. That eagerness to learn and play is part of what makes the Mackworth Island Preschool such a wonderful place to grow and explore. We look forward to watching new friendships form and existing ones flourish.

Here are a few photos from our first week of school. Stay tuned later this week for more!

KKandKM EM PM CH CA writing center 09.09.15 RDandWH Writing Center 09.09.15 EMPMKSracoonmasks 09.10.15 KS tracing her name 09.10.15 DHandWH masks 09.10.15 RW water table 09.10.15 AP reading 09.08.15 GGandLC sharing 09.09.15 RD Easel 09.10.15 PMKMKS Friend Bingo 09.08.15

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