Last Week of the Family Unit!

Happy Monday families!

This week we are jumping headfirst into the final week of our Unit 1: Families.  This morning was very busy as many new and exciting centers were introduced to the children:


Drama center included fun bath time with baby dolls!  We used warm and soapy water which the children really enjoyed playing with.  This was perfect for a cool fall morning!

12 10




For our sensory table, we changed it up.  We added boxes with holes, tubes, and wooden balls.  Some tape was left out and the children enjoyed creating mazes for the balls!  We have some creative and curious minds in our rooms!

5 2


At our easel center, we added some brown paint this week in addition to primary colors. For the art table,  we used some wooden balls/marbles to create some neat artwork by rolling them around in paint using deep trays.  We will add more colors as this week progresses.  Stay tuned for some colorful artwork coming your way soon!

photo 3 1


For our puzzles/manipulatives center, we added more hands-on play materials.  We created a “parking lot” on our flooring with tape so the kids could match shaped parking spaces with toy cars.  This was especially fun, and we got to practice our shapes!



Lastly, this morning we had a lot of laugher starting a new story: “Noisy Nora.”  It fits in well with our study of families since “Nora” is a mischievous mouse who is quite a silly character and wants more attention from her family!  This story also opened up for some great discussions about families.  For example, we learned that some of our students have (or are expecting) siblings, just like “Nora.”


Have a great week,

-The Preschool Team

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