Unit 3: Wind and Water

This week we have been introducing a new unit to the children: Wind and Water.  We have been reading “The Wind Blew” by Pat Hutches, “The Mouse and the Wind” by Arnold Lobel, and “Gilberto and the Wind” by Marie Hall Ets.  Our centers have been mostly revolved around “Gilberto and the Wind” as it is about the wind blowing balloons, sailboats, kites, pinwheels and so on forth.

The children have enjoyed playing with sailboats in our water sensory table.  We used store-bought plastic sailboats and homemade sailboats made of cork, wax paper, and toothpicks.  It was easier for the children to blow the homemade sailboats to see how wind faciliates sailing.

For art, we did a lot this week! We painted clouds, created paper kites with plenty of decorations (see one of our bulletin boards!), and we created art by blowing through a straw so the air moves paint on a table covered with paint (see below)!

25 28 27 26

22 21 17 16

Lastly but not least, our favorite activity this week was most likely when we brought out small balloons to see how the wind affects them! The children enjoyed themselves tremendously!

15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 2 1



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