This week we learned about a Jewish holiday called Hanukkah and added holiday pieces to our centers.  We read “Chanukah Lights Everywhere” by Michael J. Rosen during our morning meetings to introduce holiday vocabulary such as latkes, dreidels, and menorahs.  For drama, we had a kitchen set so children could “light” a menorah and cook latkes!

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For our blocks center, a lot fun was had building menorahs out of blocks. We also enjoyed playing with an Hanukkah family set.

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For hands on math, we discussed about how many candles are on the menorah.  We counted 9!  We also learned how to play with a dreidel and “chocolate coins!”  Many home-made dreidels were sent home with the children so perhaps families can learn this game as well!



For the art center, we made the dreidels! We used cardboard and pencils to do “spin art” on individual dreidels. Look how great they came out!  Star of David ornaments were also glued together by popsicle sticks and decorated creatively by the children.

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Sensory breaks are always popular with our kids… and they, of course, loved the table this week with beans, corn, etc.  Sen


Last but not least, we made latkes for morning snack, and what a hit they were! Traditionally, latkes are served with applesauce.  We served them with applesauce AND ketchup. Yum!

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Happy Hanukkah!

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