Merry Christmas!

We wanted to share these pictures from December 21st-22nd before the recent holiday break!  We kept very busy as the children spent the last few days learning about Christmas.  The centers were set up to reflect the holiday.  For example, for our block center, we supplied the shelves with wrapping paper, tape, and bows so the children could “wrap.”  This was a fun way to practice giving and receiving!  It was also special since we ended the school year with a large pajamas party, and we also invited the older elementary students (who are such great role models!) downstairs for center time.  We spent part of the morning cookie-decorating and watching The Polar Express!  We had such fun learning about the holiday and hope you enjoy the pictures as well!

IMG_0766 IMG_0765 IMG_0763 IMG_0762 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0761 IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0750 (1) IMG_0749 IMG_0747 IMG_0746 IMG_0736 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0732 IMG_0733 IMG_0730 IMG_0728

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