Chinese New Year

We have been studying the Chinese New Year, and what fun it has been!  We decorated our centers to focus on the traditions carried out in China.

For our writing center, the children practiced writing on trays filled with red sand – they wrote in Chinese and in English!

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For our drama, we had a neat kitchen/dining set-up.  The children sat on the floor for their “meals” and they enjoyed practicing using chop-sticks.  We also had an awesome dragon mural on the wall. THANK YOU DYLAN!

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Our sensory bin was filled with rice this week! The children LOVED it.  Rice is such a great sensory material, and we filled it with various toy animals such as dragon, rat, cow, goat, pig, rooster…  We filled it with these animals as each year represents an animal, such as “The Year of the Dragon”.  We also filled the sensory bins with other items such as gold coins as tradition has it that these items brings you good luck in the new year!

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Our art activities was especially fun this week as well! We created red/gold play-doh on Tuesday.  As always, play-doh is a hit with our kids!  On Wednesday we provided the Chinese New Year colors (red and gold) materials for the children to create their own art!  We also created lanterns out of paper materials as well and added on to our Elementary School’s paper dragon in the hallway.  Be sure to check it out some time!  The Elementary kids did an awesome job with it!

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Today was an especially fun day as we received food donations from the Empire restaurant on Congress Street in Portland.  The children extremely enjoyed their delicious noodles, and practiced eating with chop sticks.  THANK YOU EMPIRE RESTAURANT!

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We also made some egg rolls for our hands-on activity. YUM!



Tomorrow we will have special visitors…stay tuned!

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