Shadows and Reflections (Week 1)


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Hello families and friends!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been since our February break! The children definitely got the recharge they needed.. they came back fresh and ready to play!

We started a new unit this week- Shadows and Reflections.  We are currently reading several stories including: Play With Me, by Marie Hall Ets.

Our centers are slightly different than usual. For drama, we are playing with mirrors, letters, and shadow props using a “light up box” and an overhead projector.  The children practiced spelling their names and even pretended to be on-stage, singing (of course) “Let  It Go.” :)



For puzzles: we added geometric boards with plastic nails and rubber bands as well as a few other comparing capacities items, go fish numerals, etc.  The kids were IMMERSED into creating letters and shapes with the geometric boards.

4 6


For art, the kids enjoyed their independence creating colorful and shiny collages using dull and reflective papers such as cellophane, foil, construction, and tissue papers.  It made for a glue-y goopy mess, but also for a lot of fun!

2 3


For water and sensory play, we created bubbles using Dawn dish soap as well as vegetable-based glycerin.  Pouring water into different containers and whisking it all together made for soapy, bubbly fun!  Pipe cleaners make for an excellent tool for blowing bubbles. We also checked out our reflections in the water and bubbles!

1 9


Lastly but not least, for the block center, we added many woodland animals from the story and we also played with foam play doh. It was an enjoyable way to recreate the story we read earlier.

IMG_2975 7 8


Have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully spring weather is well on its way to stay!


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