Shadows and Reflections (week 3)

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We have explored this scientific unit through various interactive centers, and our budding scientists are near experts on the topic of shadows and reflections. Perhaps one or more of them will grow up to be the next Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, or Marie Curie!

Our story for this week was The Puddle Pail by Elisa Kleven. This story follows two crocodile brothers, adventuring to fill their pails with all sorts of collections. Ernst, the youngest crocodile decides to fill his pail with puddles; collecting the reflections along with the water itself. Ernst later uses the puddles in his pail to watercolor paint the reflections he saw earlier in the day. The children were encouraged to imagine their own collections, and were able to paint and draw images on a pail template.


Later we worked with glitter, the most lovely of all reflective materials, and made vibrant finger paintings.

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We filled our sensory bins with water and added reflective foil, along with items that sink and float. The children were able to explore the density of assorted classroom objects.


Lastly, we added drama center accoutrements and mirrors, and encouraged the children to dress up and admire their handsome and lovely selves!



We can’t wait to see what next week has to offer!

Enjoy the weekend!


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