The Most Anticipated Day of the Year!



We have been waiting and counting the days and eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mr. Josh Sparks to educate and entertain us with his beloved animals! We gathered in the library and sat most patiently and quietly as Mr. Sparks lovingly showed us his animals.

We learned that Sugar Gliders are VERY fast and sneaky, hedgehogs are lazy and only wake up to eat, chinchillas are the softest creatures on the planet, dragons are REAL! (although we don’t know if they breathe fire…), bats can cause grownups to do silly things, owls cannot move their eyes and have to move their heads to see what is next to them, the fennec fox is the cutest creature alive, and very, very large snakes can eat HUMONGOUS amounts, and only need to eat once or twice a year!

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We had an absolutely wonderful time with Mr. Josh Sparks. If any of you have an opportunity to attend one of Sparks’ Ark shows, we absolutely recommend you go!

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