Welcome Back to School!

What a busy couple of weeks it has been!  The start of school has been a lot of fun!

We kicked off this year with reading “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn, a sweet story about a small raccoon who starts school for the very first time, and is anxious about leaving his family.  We have been doing all kinds of activities related to the start of school! We also reviewed our Preschool Expectations with the children: Take Care of Yourself, Take Care of Your Friends, and Take Care of the Environment.  The children enjoyed viewing pictures of themselves following the daily expectations, such as washing hands and helping friends with clean up. We truly do have a special group of kids this year!

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The following weeks, we read “A Special Friend” by Dorthy Hoffman Levi.  It is about making friends with someone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  We discussed in depth about how to be a  good friend.  We followed the story with activities related, such as, fingerspelling your name.  Ask your child if they can begin to fingerspell their name!

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For current events, we also started off the year with several caterpillars in our classroom containers! Together, over the last several weeks, we have watched the caterpillar eat leaves then form a pupa.  We read “The Hungry Caterpillar” and did fun puzzles and games while we waited.  And waited.  The children waited so patiently for two weeks before the pupa began to change colors and butterflies emerged!  We released butterflies last Thursday, and what an exciting day it was!

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