Eric Carle – an Author Study


We began our author study on Eric Carle last week by focusing on his book, “Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me;” a lovely story about a father getting the moon for his child.


The children made adorable and artistic interpretations of the story; images of themselves climbing popsicle stick ladders and reaching for the moon. These pieces of artwork are frame-worthy!

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Family Friday


Today wraps up the Week of the Young Child, and we celebrated in Family fashion! We invited our families to join us for recess and a picnic lunch. What lovely weather we had, too!

We wish you all a safe, relaxing, and fun April vacation. We can’t wait to share stories with you all when we come back together.

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Artsy Thursday!


Today we celebrated art! Every center choice gave the children an opportunity to experience an art activity. We created lovely clay self-portraits, mixed-and-matched eyes, noses, and mouths to create faces, painted with watercolors in the sensory bin, painted self-portraits, and decorated frames for our artwork. What a spectacular day!

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Work Together Wednesday


We take great pride in the beauty of our island, and we worked together to clean up the garbage that has piled up on the shoreline and the lawn. Our kiddos worked very hard, pointing out garbage and recycling to each other, and we were able to fill a large trash bin with the garbage we collected! Well done, friends!

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Tea Party Tuesday!


Today we had a fabulous tea party with our friends and wanted to share pictures with you! We had tea (cider), lemon mini-cupcakes with whipped cream, and some tasty tea snacks that were donated.  Some of us even dressed up too! :)

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We are excited for “Work Together Wednesday” because we will “work together” to clean up the island! Stay tuned for more pictures to come later this week…

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The Most Anticipated Day of the Year!



We have been waiting and counting the days and eagerly anticipating the arrival of Mr. Josh Sparks to educate and entertain us with his beloved animals! We gathered in the library and sat most patiently and quietly as Mr. Sparks lovingly showed us his animals.

We learned that Sugar Gliders are VERY fast and sneaky, hedgehogs are lazy and only wake up to eat, chinchillas are the softest creatures on the planet, dragons are REAL! (although we don’t know if they breathe fire…), bats can cause grownups to do silly things, owls cannot move their eyes and have to move their heads to see what is next to them, the fennec fox is the cutest creature alive, and very, very large snakes can eat HUMONGOUS amounts, and only need to eat once or twice a year!

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We had an absolutely wonderful time with Mr. Josh Sparks. If any of you have an opportunity to attend one of Sparks’ Ark shows, we absolutely recommend you go!

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Watching Things Grow


We’ve had a wonderful time so far with our Growing unit. The children had the opportunity to plant sunflower, marigold, and carrot seeds. They diligently water and care for their plants every day, and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their tiny sproutlings.

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In addition to our gardening experiences, the children have been encouraged to practice their uppercase and lowercase letter matching, sort seeds in the sensory bin, and care for plants in the drama center.

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Next week we will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child with different themes for every day! Monday we will focus on movement and will have a Zumba dance party in the gym! Tuesday we encourage the children to dress in their fanciest outfit in honor of Tea Party Tuesday. We will Work Together on Wednesday to clean up our gorgeous island. Thursday we will spend the entire morning creating art projects for the upcoming art show. Friday we encourage our families to join us for Family Friday- come play on the playground during recess and join us for a picnic lunch! Stay tuned for fun photo updates!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Nature walk fun!


Today we took full advantage of the warm weather and we went on for a LONG nature walk around Mackworth Island. We explored the paths and saw budding plants. Spring is here, and we talked about the subtle but sure signs of it. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and the children will sleep well tonight!

Happy weekend everybody!

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Shadows and Reflections-continued

ASL Vlog Available!

Another week into the Shadows and Reflections unit! We are reading Kittens for a Day by Ezra Jack Keats:



For sensory play, we have our sand and treasure hunt set up:

11 9

For table art, we created “stained glass” with contact papers, cardboard, tissue/cellophane papers. Don’t they look great?!


For our easel center, we are painting lovely starry night skies:

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For the blocks center, we are still immersed into playing with light and letter shapes:



For drama, we are still dressing up:




AND …today was a special occasion! It was a fellow student’s birthday AND St. Patrick’s Day!  How many kids are wearing green?

17 16 15

A lot!

Have a nice weekend!


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Shadows and Reflections (week 3)

ASL Vlog Available!

We have explored this scientific unit through various interactive centers, and our budding scientists are near experts on the topic of shadows and reflections. Perhaps one or more of them will grow up to be the next Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, or Marie Curie!

Our story for this week was The Puddle Pail by Elisa Kleven. This story follows two crocodile brothers, adventuring to fill their pails with all sorts of collections. Ernst, the youngest crocodile decides to fill his pail with puddles; collecting the reflections along with the water itself. Ernst later uses the puddles in his pail to watercolor paint the reflections he saw earlier in the day. The children were encouraged to imagine their own collections, and were able to paint and draw images on a pail template.


Later we worked with glitter, the most lovely of all reflective materials, and made vibrant finger paintings.

14 11 10 8


We filled our sensory bins with water and added reflective foil, along with items that sink and float. The children were able to explore the density of assorted classroom objects.


Lastly, we added drama center accoutrements and mirrors, and encouraged the children to dress up and admire their handsome and lovely selves!



We can’t wait to see what next week has to offer!

Enjoy the weekend!


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