Parent Infant Toddler Playgroup – March 26th

adults and children sitting in a group cirlce
We had a great turn out at PIT last week. Thank you all for coming!

In continuing our talks on early language development, we discussed the language that can be used and introduced when playing with toys by hiding an object. Using questions such as, “Where is the bunny?” and answers with place prepositions such as, “In the house” or “Under the blanket”, will provide great language examples in a common and playful childhood activity. For younger children, you can use these questions and words without hiding an object. For example, “Where is mommy?” … “Peek-a-boo, here I am!”

We had a fun American Sign Language (ASL) and Spoken English story time. We read, The Napping House by Audrey Wood. This story has a lot of repetition, uses many descriptive words and gives multiple examples of the place preposition, on.
ASL story time big book

Also at PIT, our audiologist, Eileen Peterson provided an opportunity for parents to have a unilateral hearing loss experience. A unilateral hearing loss is a hearing loss in one ear only. A unilateral hearing loss can make it difficult for children to hear in noisy environments. With a unilateral hearing loss, it can be hard to know where a sound is coming from and difficult to hear soft voices or people talking from far away.
We discussed some strategies for making it easier for your baby to listen. Strategies for children with unilateral hearing loss include bringing your baby close to you, talking face to face, being aware of and moving away from background noise. It is important to be aware of which ear is the better ear and try to position your baby to make it easiest for him or her to listen!

Our next PIT will be Tuesday April, 9th @ 10 am on Mackworth Island.          We look forward to seeing you all there! Thanks for checking out our new blog!!

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