academic bowl

Asad, Kailey, Taylor and Emma did a wonderful job competing in the Academic Bowl with different schools at the Indiana School for the Deaf in February.  We won three games and lost six games.  The students did a wonderful job and showed GREAT spirit.

“It was great! I loved it,” said Asad.

Two days in a row, the weather was awesome –  around 70 degrees. There were even some tornado warnings!  The next day, it was 30 degrees and snowy.

Many thanks to Jonathan Connick for his great support and teamwork.

I will miss you all.  Come and visit me in the sunshine state. Best Lenore Boerner.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.25.00 AM

Top Row: Jonathan Connick and Lenore Boerner. Bottom Row:  Einstein (our substitute), Asad, Kailey, Emma and Taylor



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In science, Colin and Joshua are working on a unit called Force, Stability and Motion. We made an experiment to measure the acceleration, speed and deceleration of a golf ball we rolled down a ramp. “It is important to be accurate,” says Josh, who put the yellow tiles in the right places.

In the video, each pair of yellow tiles marks exactly 100cm.

We carefully recorded the times as the ball passed each 100cm marker:  100cm – 0.8s, 200cm – 1.3s, 300cm – 1.9s, 400cm – 2.6s, 500cm – 3.3s, 600cm – 4.0s, 700cm – 5.0s, 800cm – 6.2s, 900cm – 9.0s. (It was nice of the ball to stop right on the line!)

Then we used our data to graph the results:


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student of the quarter


Mr Divinsky and student of the quarter, Tessa Kidwell

Mr Divinsky and student of the quarter, Tessa Kidwell

Congratulations to Tessa Kidwell for earning the Student of the Quarter award at PATHS. ‘She is doing a great job at Food Services,’ said her teacher Mr. Divinsky, ‘and she deserves this award.’

Tessa said, “I love PATHS: I like the other students and I like Mr. Divinsky. I am very happy!”

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a snake in the hand…



In Mr Talarico’s excellent biology class in the first semester, Cole and Colin learned about ecology. They saw some live animals, including a bat, an owl and a snake. Some students and staff were a little nervous, but Cole and Colin had no fears in holding a snake. ‘This is so cool!’ said Colin. Cole was very impressed at the snake’s skin: ‘It is very smooth!’ he noted.

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my favorite season


I love Winter. I love snow. It is pretty.

I like Christmas. I like music, books, presents, cartoons, games, movies and dinner. I like playing in the snow. I like playing snowballs, building a snowman, making angels.

I like shoveling snow! My mom asks me then I move snow with a snow shovel. My mom says, ‘thank you good girl.’

Winter is beautiful.  I like trees, water ice, animals, and everything is white.

Winter in Maine is a great time of year.

Tessa Kidwell.

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my favorite season


I love summer in Maine. Summer is a great time for playing outside. I like swimming. I like playing in my yard. I love basketball and soccer.

I like the temperatures in the summer. Some days are really hot, 90 degrees. I like hot days. In the summer I can wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Summer is a pretty time of year. I like the blue sky. I like the yellow sun. I like the green grass. I like the flowers and the colorful rainbows.

I do not like winter. I do not like the snow. I do not like the cold!

Summer is my favorite time of year.

Josh Hoskins.

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basketball season

Basketball season is here! Coach Matt Welch has a good group of players who are really enjoying the game. This week the team traveled twice to play other schools. On Tuesday they went to the American School for the Deaf. They lost a close game 30- 28. ‘We were in the lead for a few minutes,” said Welch, ‘but ASD came back to win it.’

On Wednesday we went to the Marie Philip School in Massachusetts. We lost another close game 28 – 20.  ”Many players are inexperienced, but they are very motivated,” said Coach Welch. “They have a great leader in Asad Deqow. We are thrilled to have a new star player, Alister Hannah. He is learning the game and has impressed me.”


here is the basketball schedule

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getting into the spirit


It is Spirit Week here at Portland High School. Our students have been getting into the swing of things. Here are some of them showing off their blue and white Bulldog colors. “It’s been great fun this week,” said Josh.


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is there a doctor in the house?


dr murphyJPG

David Murphy did a great job with his Spirit Week outfits this week. We hear he preferred being a doctor over a rockstar!

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His bark is worse than his bite

Portland High School has a new mascot. His name is Kamron King!  Kamron will start his new job at the football game tomorrow at Fitzpatrick Stadium. PHS are playing Oxford Hills. Kamron will be the Bulldogs’ mascot for the entire football season.  Kamron said, “Being the Bulldogs’ mascot is really great. I love football, and PHS, and I get to watch the games for free!”go bulldogs7

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