In science, Colin and Joshua are working on a unit called¬†Force, Stability and Motion. We made an experiment to measure the acceleration, speed and deceleration of a golf ball we rolled down a ramp. “It is important to be accurate,” says Josh, who put the yellow tiles in the right places.

In the video, each pair of yellow tiles marks exactly 100cm.

We carefully recorded the times as the ball passed each 100cm marker:  100cm Р0.8s, 200cm Р1.3s, 300cm Р1.9s, 400cm Р2.6s, 500cm Р3.3s, 600cm Р4.0s, 700cm Р5.0s, 800cm Р6.2s, 900cm Р9.0s. (It was nice of the ball to stop right on the line!)

Then we used our data to graph the results:


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