Kailey Ouellette graduated from Portland High School this week. All of us congratulate Kailey for reaching this landmark in her life. Kailey joined us last year. It was a big change for her. This is how Kailey described her first basketball tournament with the GBSD team:

“I moved to the Government Baxter School for the Deaf program at Portland High School last year. I was with more deaf students and staff and I felt more comfortable. It is a very friendly school. The basketball coach, Matt Welch, asked me to join the team. I was not ready to play because the tournament was very soon. But Matt said, “ Do you want to be our manager?”  I said, “ Yes please that would be great!”

In Rome, New York, there were nine teams and there were about 100 students and staff, who all signed.

When we got to the gym the first time I couldn’t move! I just stood and stared. There were so many deaf people and I noticed there were so many teams all using American Sign Language. Matt said, “ Do you see that?” I was speechless. I felt so awesome and happy.”

Kailey said this week: “I feel very proud to graduate this week. I was very happy at Portland High School. It was great for me.”

We wish Kailey every happiness and success in her future.


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