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Mission, Vision, Values


In collaboration with families and professionals throughout Maine, we provide transformative learning, language-focused education, and opportunities for social-emotional growth, empowering Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals birth to 22 to reach their full potential.


A community where all individuals, families, and professionals are united in support of Deaf and Hard of Hearing success.


Statewide Support & Collaboration

We believe in meeting all individuals’ needs, no matter where in Maine they live, by partnering with peers, families, professionals, and local education agencies.

Compassion & Understanding

We act with compassion toward students, families, and each other, acknowledging that all individuals have different upbringings, lived experiences, and journeys.

Family Involvement

We are committed to providing families of Deaf and hard of hearing students the knowledge, tools, and support that allows their children to thrive.

High Standards

We hold MECDHH/GBSD staff members and partners accountable for providing the best possible educational experience for our families and students.

Whole Child Approach

We champion what is best for each individual, their specific needs, and aspirations, supported by evidence-based research, MECDHH/GBSD’s cumulative experience, and innovative practices.