GBSD 65th Birthday Celebration! Save the Dates!

Leadership Team

Karen Hopkins Executive Director

In addition to her role as the Executive Director of MECDHH/GBSD, Karen is the principal investigator of Maine’s federal HRSA grant. She brings over 30 years of experience as a collaborative teacher of the deaf, special educator, early interventionist and educational administrator to MECDHH/GBSD. She serves on the Hands & Voices HQ Board of Directors; the Maine Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Board; Maine’s Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened; and is an ex officio board member of The Percival Baxter Foundation for Maine’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. She was a founding member of Maine’s Hands & Voices chapter. Karen is a Deaf adult who has lived experience as a person who is Deaf and as the parent of a daughter who is hard of hearing.

Natalie Austin Director of Early Intervention and Family Engagement (EIFE)

Natalie Austin, PhD, is the Director of Early Intervention and Family Engagement and administrator of the federal Newborn Hearing Screening & Family Engagement HRSA Grant. Natalie brings over 20 years of service and leadership experience in the field of Deaf Services with the primary focus of her work being in early intervention. She brings a lifetime of personal passion and experience for the field as an adult with hearing loss. Natalie is also a nationally certified sign language interpreter with a focus on making performing arts accessible to the DHH Community.

Lori Levesque Director of Human Resources

With Masters Degrees in both Special Education and Business Administration, as well as 30 years of combined experience, Lori has comprehensive knowledge in both education and business.  She started at MECDHH/GBSD as the Preschool Program Coordinator and was able to learn about the programming side of Deaf Education.  Once she moved over to the Business Office, she was able to use that programming knowledge to enhance many Human Resources and Payroll processes.  She has acquired proficient American Sign Language skills since joining MECDHH/GBSD and is thrilled to be able to communicate directly with staff who are Deaf.