The Gingerbread Man

Each day kids have rest time, some friends nap and others rest until they can enjoy a story or create with play dough. On this specific day, friends gathered together to read their stories and to take turns sharing. They certainly make rest time fun!

After Care Rest Time

We also had fun getting to create a story together as a team. The kids put their thinking caps on and came up with some creative words to contribute.
Catch them below in our kids mad lib!

Gingerbread Man
There once was a gingerbread man who had two Sprinkles for eyes and a Fruit Loop for a nose. He always said, ‘Jumping Jacks as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man.’ One day he ran past a Special Astronaut, but they couldn’t catch him. He kept running until he passed a Giraffe, but they couldn’t catch him either. Suddenly, he came across a river near Mackworth Island. How would he cross? Then he saw a Purple Stage floating by. He jumped on it, but it was actually Mickey Mouse
–who just so happened to love cookies :)

(A Madlib story by After Care Kids)

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Afternoon Adventures

We have gotten into the groove of a new school year and wanted to share with everyone some of our adventures. The aftercare program offers the chance to add on to our day with island walks, crafts, and lots of play.

With the changing leaves and many helpers our group made a friendly addition to our playground.

Introducing, “Scarecrow Batman Daniel”


We have a great crew of kids and are looking forward to the afternoons we can share together!

P and O sharing their swing and smiles!

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Learning to Read and Write!

During the past couple of weeks, for one of the activities, we’ve been focusing on learning to read and write the alphabet! Whether it’s learning the letters, writing the letters, reciting the rote alphabet, crafting the letters using wooden pieces, tracing the letters, writing the upper case, writing the lower cases, or writing words, the kids were engaged in the activities!

K Writing IMG_3482 J Writing C Writing N and R Crafting Letters N and R crafting letters R, K, K, and A Writing K and J Writing

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Enjoying Playing in the Snow

Two weeks ago, we enjoyed playing in the snow and going sledding! Here are some clips of the children sledding!

Also, here are some pictures taken from that week:

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Such a Nice Day Out

We decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and walk to the beach… with our coats on, of course! We spent half an hour on the beach and then the children enjoyed watching “Frosty the Snowman” back in the classroom.

Here are some pictures from our beach visit:

Again, there is no AfterCare tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16. We will see you on Thursday, December 17! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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NO AfterCare December 16

This is a gentle reminder that there is NO AfterCare on Wednesday, December 16th due to Staff Development. However, there will STILL be Preschool that day, therefore please plan for your child’s pickup in Preschool at 12:00 noon.

Thank you!


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Hanukkah/Gingerbread Man

What a wonderful end to a wonderful week! This week, the children in AfterCare enjoyed learning about Hannukah and making arts and crafts. You can see some of the things we made in the classroom from the pictures below. Other items we made, but do not have photographs of: Star of David ornament, Menorah/Dreidel/Star of David window silhouettes, and gingerbread men coloring pages. We also enjoyed having our friends from the Elementary School come this afternoon for Story Time.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!

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December Newsletter

Hello! Here is the December Newsletter, as well as the announcement regarding our AfterCare blog that is now up and running!

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Welcome to the After Care Blog

This Blog is in process and will be available soon.

Please visit us again to see what’s new!


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