Highlights of the Trip to the Academic Bowl Championship

Thursday, February 21


The Academic Bowl team was able to enjoy a day at the New England Aquarium in Boston on our way to the Academic Bowl competition in Framingham, MA.  There were three floors of different types of fishes including jelly fish.  Below is a picture of the students petting the stingrays.



After the Aquarium, we went to The Learning Center for the Deaf in Framingham, MA.  The students met with new and old friends and participated in an ice breaker activity.  We then had Academic Bowl practice with other schools.


On Friday, February 22


We played three games.


GBSD – 18  points vs.  TLC (The Learning Center of the Deaf) – 43 points

GBSD – 30  points vs.   NJSD (New Jersey School for the Deaf) – 21 points

GBSD – 20 points vs.    SNH (South New Hampshire) – 20 points


After the game, all the schools went to a roller skating rink for social events (roller skating, laser tag and karaoke).



On Saturday, February 23


We played three additional games.


GBSD – 20 points  vs. PSD (Pennsylvania School for the Deaf) – 11 points

GBSD – 20 points  vs. MON (Boces Monroe in NY) – 40 points

GBSD – 28 points  vs. MNMSD (Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf) – 13 points


After the games, we watched semifinals and championship games and attended an award ceremony and received certificates.


I am very proud of our students: George, Stacey and Courtney for their hard work.  They did a fabulous job!


I want to thank Clayton Marr III for being an Assistant Coach and for all his help and team spirit.


Now, we are looking forward to doing it again at Rochester School for the Deaf next year.




Coach Lenore Boerner



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