academic bowl

Asad, Kailey, Taylor and Emma did a wonderful job competing in the Academic Bowl with different schools at the Indiana School for the Deaf in February.  We won three games and lost six games.  The students did a wonderful job and showed GREAT spirit.

“It was great! I loved it,” said Asad.

Two days in a row, the weather was awesome –  around 70 degrees. There were even some tornado warnings!  The next day, it was 30 degrees and snowy.

Many thanks to Jonathan Connick for his great support and teamwork.

I will miss you all.  Come and visit me in the sunshine state. Best Lenore Boerner.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.25.00 AM

Top Row: Jonathan Connick and Lenore Boerner. Bottom Row:  Einstein (our substitute), Asad, Kailey, Emma and Taylor



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