job shadow


I went to the hotel. I had a great time.In the morning. I put on a nice shirt and went to the school. I went to the hotel at 9:30 a.m. There were about thirty other students. The manager  was called Kevin. Went to breakfast. The breakfast was free! All the students went to the meeting. Kevin showed YouTube and phone with key lock for the doors. Kevin gave us a packet with a fancy pen with flashlight! A man showed us around the hotel. We all saw the kitchen and the laundry and the bedroom and the car park and the clean and the swimming pool. The group went to the lobby. We all asked the staff about the hotel. The staff answered our questions. The staff were nice. We had lunch. Then we got on the bus I went back to PHS. The hotel was beautiful. The staff were friendly. I had a good time.

Joshua Hoskins


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