Deaf tea in Augusta



I feel like my mind was blown in the deaf tea event!
In August someone sent mail to me: ¨You are invited to deaf tea event on September 20.¨
I felt so weird and confused then I asked my friends, “Did you did get any mail for the deaf tea event?¨
My friends said “No.” Two weeks later someone sent me a letter for the deaf tea event: “You JUST GOT AWARD FOR THE DEAF EVENT!”
When I got back to school I asked the teacher about the deaf tea award. I felt so nervous about it!
On September 20 we went to the State House: my heart was really beating; I was nervous and making fun. When the presentations started my brain said, “OMG I’M NOT READY FOR IT!” Then someone started a presentation about me for my award! Everyone started to clap for me. I just got an award for leardership for deaf community.
I felt proud, my heartbeat was GONE and nothing nervous. I just gave a short speech to thank everyone and it was a good experience. I also met the new Governor of Maine, Janet Mills! She said ¨ Wow! nice speech for everyone and congratulations Marena Thompson!” I said thank you to Janet Mills.
I really missed my family at the deaf tea event but I knew my family was so busy. I know my family felt so proud of me.

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  1. Suzy Sargent, Executive Assistant to OJ says:

    Congratulations Marena! This is only the beginning for you, amazing experiences and opportunities lie ahead. I know this, I can see into the future:)

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