Junior NAD in Rochester NY

3 seniors

Our Baxter seniors went to the Junior National Association for the Deaf conference in Rochester, New York, in early November. The Junior NAD offers deaf and hard of hearing students in 7th through 12th grade opportunities to develop leadership skills, learn and demonstrate citizenship, and meet and interact with students from other schools and states.

“I had a lot fun at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf. It was great to meet a lot people from many different states, I had a wonderful time: it was the first time in years that I had a chance to hang out with a large group of deaf students.” Tyler Dufour

“There were so many really cool meetings new friends from so many states. It was so interesting to see and learn different regional ASL signs from the other states. There were a lot of workshops and presentations. I was very excited to meet Nancy Rourke -  she is an awesome deaf artist and I was very lucky to have a 15 minute talk with her! “ Marena Thompson

(Alex Abenchuchan presents an online daily news show, The Daily Moth, in American Sign Language; he is very well known and respected by the deaf citizens of America.)

“Alex is one of our wonderful leaders. He spoke about his own motivation to become a deaf news anchor for our community. He helps us to understand more about what’s going on around the world. He showed us how to be a really good leader and made me feel like I can be a good leader and a good role model. One day I want to be a good leader as a Ford mechanic: Alex is an inspiration.” Tyler Dufour

“I was working on the interview broadcast, my job was adjusting the camera to make it perfect. I was excited to meet Alex because I always watch his news broadcasts on Facebook.” Kamron King

Kamron also liked the presentation “Building Leadership Within You”:

“I would like to be a good leader. I would get around and see everyone, help out anyone with a problem, and talk with them if they’re feeling a little down. I feel good if I can help people: it feels great to me when they are smiling.”


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