the most powerful word?


powerful word

That is not the answer! But this word has three letters and is the most common word we use. It is also an amazing word – as you will see in the fascinating article below.

I teach English to some of the Baxter students at PHS. We have been working a lot on determiners – the word or words we put before a common noun, like book, or car.

A sentence that says, “I saw car outside” is missing a determiner. A car? Ted’s car? Your car? A teacher’s car? Bob’s best friend’s car? etc. In English class we have been looking at these options and practicing ways to use the best determiners. For students learning English, these elements can be very difficult to master. As mundane and everyday as they appear, there is real complexity in them.

So it was nice to see this article and share it with some of the students. They could see that they are not alone! The article is about a word that is ‘technically meaningless’, but nonetheless it is miraculous, subtle and magical in many ways. Who would have thought it?

Rob Gillies

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