Kids Like Me


KLM was great! There were more people than last year.  We played lots of games and introduced ourselves. Then we walked around the island and to the beach.  And we watched a movie, had popcorn and cookies. They were good.  We went to snow tubbing.

The best thing at KLM was meeting new people. 

Keyana Kassa

I went to the island then we played a game and I hurt my arm in the process. Then we went bowling and I ate my lunch then went back to the island. Then we walked around the island and then we went to put our stuff in the dorm. Then we ate dinner next we watched the movie called The Abominable. Next we went to bed. We woke up and we played some games in the gym and after that we went snow tubing at Sea Coast. Then we went to Mcdonalds.  Then we went back and I got picked up by my sis and her boyfriend.

Zachary Malmquist


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