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Keyana did a beautiful job on developing, organizing and editing her essay.

This is her final draft:

The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning, by Keyana Kassa

Schools everywhere are closed, as the country tries to beat the corona virus. This means students and staff have to work online, from home. There are some good things and some bad things that go with online learning.

On the minus side, I like to be in class, because I like to socialize with my friends and staff.

Another thing I do not like is not having Friends with you, they made you feel you are not alone and you have someone to hang out with. Friends come and go. So it’s nice to have friends.

On the positive side, Staying home with family is a good thing. We are able to be with them on the weekend, school breaks, and in summer. Not saying that school is a bad thing. You need a family there for you no matter what situation you are put in.

Another thing I like, is sleeping in! But, I don’t sleep until 10:00 am. For school, you get up at 6 or 7. School ends at 2:00. Then you have sports until 5:00. Maybe you drive one hour to get home. Maybe there is traffic or a car crash. Then you finally get home. You are super tired. You have to have dinner and have piles of homework. You finish it maybe around 3 or 4. You finally get to sleep and wake up in the morning.

I like distance learning. But, I also like to be in school because in school, you have the teachers to help you out face to face. School is about to help you grow as a person when you leave the building.  You have a schedule all set up for you in school. But, at home, it changes with the family. And that’s okay.

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