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High School

To graduate from the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and Portland High School, a student must meet the following requirements (or requirements specifically outlined by the Pupil Evaluation Team) during grades nine through twelve. The student's transcripts will follow them to Portland High School and they will be required to pass the following for graduation:

  • 4 years of English: 8 credits
  • 3 years of Social Studies: 6 credits
  • 3 years of Mathematics: 6 credits
  • 3 years of Science: 6 credits
  • 1 semester of Health: 1 credit
  • 1 year of Physical Education: 2 credits
  • 1 year of Fine Arts: 2 credits
  • Elective Courses: 10 credits
  • Total for Graduation: 41 credits

Freshmen will be required to follow Portland High School’s requirements for graduation. Please refer to the Portland High School Handbook.

Portland Arts and Technology High School

Portland High School Technology (PATHS) courses are open to all students at PHS in grades eleven through twelve. PATHS courses are designed for both career bound and college bound students who are serious about gaining new skills through applied learning.

Students are given real life experience in career directions by combining classroom instruction, extensive labs and community-based internships. PATHS classes are an extension of the high school schedule. Students earn credits toward graduation requirements for successful completion of each school year of study in a PATHS program. Some courses may offer one semester or one year experiences for college bound students.

Students enrolled at Portland High School may also take courses at PATHS and earn credit toward graduation. Transportation is provided. Interested students should see their guidance counselor to arrange a visit and complete an application.

Current PATHS course offerings:

  • Automotive Collision Technology
  • Automotive Technology 1 & 2
  • Carpentry
  • Commercial Art
  • Culinary Concepts
  • Dance
  • Early Childhood Occupations
  • Exploring Applied Technology
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fast Foods
  • Graphic Arts & Printing
  • News Media
  • Plato
  • Plumbing & Heating
  • Recreational Marine Repair
  • Robotics & Precision Machining
  • Welding Technology/Blacksmithing Basics
  • Woodworking