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The preschool program offers a language-enriched developmentally-based program of learning for deaf, hard of hearing  and typically developing hearing children ages 3 to 5. With our Deaf/hearing teaching team, the program is rich in experiences, which foster and nurture the child’s language development.

The Preschool is a bilingual environment. We have one group of learners that utlize two joined classrooms. In the American Sign Language (ASL) room, ASL is the language of daily interactions and communication, and in the spoken language classroom, spoken language is used. Families choose their child’s primary classroom and the children have the opportunity to interact in both rooms and languages as their day progresses. Children are encouraged to develop skills in visual, gestural, auditory, listening and spoken language skills as appropriate and following the child's IEP goals.

The classroom environment has been adapted to minimize background noise and reverberation. In this setting, children with a range of language and communication styles are guided to play, interact, and appreciate the unique tales that each brings to our community of learners.


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