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Student Information Packet

We hope your child’s learning experience with us is an exciting and enjoyable one!

At the beginning of each school year, we send home a "student information" packet for parents to fill out. We feel this updated information is important due to that fact that parents may have moved, changed their home phone number, their cell phone numbers, and possibly the emergency contact (in case we cannot reach you). In case of an emergency, we would need the most current information.

All forms are in a fillable PDF format. For ease of downloading, the first document listed includes all the forms in the list. You can download only that file. If needed, individual forms are also provided.

  1. Download the pdf to your desktop
  2. Open the pdf on your desktop
  3. 'Save As' to your desktop with student's first name and last name intial (J.Doe STUDENT INFORMATION PACKET)
  4. Fill it out in it's entirety
  5. Do a final save
  6. Open pdf to check that the form fields have populated with your information
  7. Save and close
  8. Attach the digital file in an email to
  9. OR print the document, scan and email to
  10. OR mail to MaryJo York, MECDHH/GBSD, 1 Mackworth Island, Falmouth, ME 04015

Please return the forms as soon as possible to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Thank you!



Frequently Asked Questions for the Beginning of the School Year

Student Information Form

Health Form

First Aid and Over-the-Counter Medication Form

Medication Form

Authorization to Share Information Form, Primary Care Provider

Authorization to Share Information Form, Audiologist (if applicable)

Family Communication Preference Form

Email Permission Form

FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Home Language Survey Form

Media Release Form

Field Trip Permission Slip Form

Use of Computers and Internet Resources Form