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The Main Educational Center For the Deaf and Hard of Hearing teams up with Boston Children's Hospital and Clerc Center to revise the cochlear implant guidelines they helped create!

Revised Cochlear Implant Guidelines Coming this Fall

The Clerc Center is collaborating with Boston Children’s Hospital on revisions to “Children with Cochlear Implants Who Sign: Guidelines for Transitioning to Oral or Mainstream Settings.” The revisions, with the working title, "Students with Cochlear Implants:  Guidelines for Educational Program Planning," will include an expanded section on language access, whether that is visual-based or auditory-based language.

Clerc Center staff traveled to Boston on March 28th to facilitate a second working meeting with the Boston Children’s Hospital authors. “This has been an amazing opportunity to work with over 40 authors, from such varied backgrounds, to come together and create this new document. ” said Mary Ann Kinsella-Meier, project manager.

This revised and expanded version is designed to facilitate discussion among professionals and families for the purpose of guiding the establishment and monitoring of educational program components essential for students with cochlear implants related to a) development of language and communication abilities, b) access to the educational setting (i.e. teacher instruction, classroom discussion), c) interaction with peers, and d) development of positive social-emotional skills.  It is a tool to assist in the development of a student’s IFSP, IEP, 504 Plan, or other educational planning documents. It is designed to accompany (not replace) comprehensive assessments of language, communication, and other competencies.

The document will be available both in print and in a downloadable version by the fall of 2013.