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Recently held competition at Rochester School for the Deaf, New York

Academic Bowl Scoreboard
Sabrina DePeter, Courtney Camire and Kiya Caron
  • MECDHH won against The Learning Center School for the Deaf of Massachussets with a final score of 39 to 29
  • MECDHH lost to Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf of New York, 13 to 18
  • Mountain View High School won MECDHH, 48 to 45
  • South New Hamshire School won MECDHH, 19 to 18
  • Rhode Island School for the Deaf lost to MECDHH, 22 to 36
  • Saint Mary's School for the Deaf of New York lost to MECDHH, 20 to 28
  • MECDHH lost to EDCO High School by a score of 6 to 26


Assistant coach Shannon Winter, Courteny Camire, Sabrina DePeter, Kiya Caron and Coach Lenore Boener

Sabrina DePeter, Courteny Camire, Kiya Caron