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The Maine Chapter of Hands & Voices / Guide By Your Side Program recently had their first statewide conference, "Working Together For Success."


Karen Hopkins, MECDHH's Director of ECFS, presenting at the conference.

On November 13, 2015 representatives from Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Early Childhood and Family Services team joined 150 participants for this exciting day!  Participants included Early Interventionists, teachers of the deaf, Deaf Mentors, Audiologists, speech language pathologists, social workers, school teams, parents and Deaf community members.

Elizabeth Seeliger from the National Hands & Voices board, presented the keynote session on Supporting Early Relationships where she stressed the critical importance of early attachment and bonding and our role as providers in supporting families at this time in thier lives.  Other presentations included specific presentations for families, audiology presentations, Early Intervention for children who are deaf and hard of hearing in Maine, a panel describing the process from Newborn Hearing Screening to Early Intervention and we ended our day with an inspirational panel of Deaf and hard of hearing community members sharing their stories and offering advice to the audience. The goal of this conference was to bring everyone together to work together for the success of Maine's Deaf and hard of hearing children.

Kristen Shorey, MECDHH's ECFS Consultant Bangor, participates in a panel discussion.


Maine's Hands and Voices parents.