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Next Webinar: Dec 13th, 2018
Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing: Roles & Responsibilities
( Q & A following the webinar at 3:30 - 3:45 PM )

In this webinar, Shannon Locke and Polly Earl will cover a variety of topics including providing clear, impartial information about hearing levels and hearing technology to parents and professionals and how reduced hearing ability affects learning and social interactions. They will explain the continuum of services Teachers of the Deaf provide statewide, from classroom based to itinerant to consultant, and discuss how they can assist with interpretation of assessment results, program planning and collaboration to support the goals of the IEP/504 plan including specially designed instruction, use of educational interpreters/transliterators, and support and explanation of the family’s communication choice for academic and social success for their child. The presenters will also provide resource information regarding evidence-based best practice in deaf education for teachers, administrators, interpreters, and parents.

About the Presenters:
Shannon Locke received her Master's degree in Education Leadership and graduated from an interpreter training program. She is a Teacher of the Deaf providing direct service and consult in grades K-12. Shannon is also a licensed and certified interpreter specializing in educational interpreting. She covers the Skowhegan, Farmington (add or delete towns?) area.

Polly Earl received her Bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Idaho State University in Pocatello, her Master’s degree in Deaf Education from Texas Woman’s University in Denton and her Doctorate in Special Education from the University of Cincinnati. Polly has worked with children with special needs for 40 years, including her work as a Public School Outreach consultant for MECDHH. She currently works out of the Aroostook Outreach office in Fort Fairfield.

This webinar is geared toward teachers who may have student who is hard of hearing or deaf in their classrooms.  Administrators, parents, classroom interpreters, and Education Technicians may also find this information useful in understanding how to benefit from the support of a Teacher of the Deaf in order to meet the many language and communication needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.


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