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Program Intent

The purpose of the statewide Public School Outreach program is to assist service providers in offering a beneficial and positive educational experience for students with a hearing loss within their local school district.

We offer free consultative services to schools that serve students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our goal is to assist public school personnel with implementing an appropriate and positive educational experience for any student in Kindergarten - Grade 12 with a hearing loss.

  • We serve all students regardless of the degree or nature of their hearing loss
  • We support all communication choices
  • We encourage the development of the whole child
  • We are a family focused organization and we respect the critical role that parents and families play in the lives of the children we serve.
  • Our hope is to become a continual resource for professionals and parents as well as a valuable member of the team serving the child
  • We support the creative use of all forms of technology including hearing assistive technology, video conferencing, videophones, appropriate use of social networking systems etc., to insure that students, parents and professionals have access their educational environments and to services regardless of where they live.

Services Provided:

Educational Consultation which includes:

  • On site Classroom observation
  • Recommendations for classroom modifications
  • Assistance with all hearing assistive technology (HA, CI, FM); proper use and care
  • Program recommendations
  • Curriculum modifications
  • Instructional strategies
  • Literacy considerations and recommendations
  • Language needs
  • 1Visual and Auditory access
  • Proper use of sign language interpreters & cued speech transliterator
  • Social Emotional needs
  • Transition considerations and resources
  • Access to resource materials
  • Involvement with the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Team
  • Consultation with parents and professionals
  • Expanded Consultation with our Fee for Service Program (FFS)

FFS contracts are developed with the district based on the individual needs of the student and professionals working with that student.

A range of services are offered including  in depth consultation services, literacy program development, language program development, support with use of all forms of technology,  support writing IEPs, modeling strategies and techniques, recommendations for materials and programs, input regarding assessments,  networking etc…

FFS assessments are available at MECDHH/GBSD upon request. For more info, click here: (a link to the assessment team page should be placed here.)

  • Staff development/In-service training
  • Diversity Awareness  Programs

Student Awareness Programs (offered by consultants on the day of their observations)

Regional Programs:

With parental approval services can be requested by:

  • Parents
  • Special education directors and teachers
  • Speech / Language pathologists
  • Classroom and special education teachers
  • Audiologists
  • Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists
  • Other service providers

SES Forms:


Our PSO program provides an opportunity for statewide networking with:

  • Audiologists
  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Speech/Language Pathologists
  • Education consultants
  • Guidance counselors
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists

Training Opportunities:

MECDHH periodically hosts workshops and training sessions which are open to all. Please call for more information, 207.781.6215 or contact Margaret Airey at

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