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Contact: PSO Team Leader - Kevin Bohlin
Phone: (207) 250-0998 (VP) Text: (207) 632-0999

"We Increase Sensitivity and Educate"

Student diversity enriches the educational experience for all children. W.I.S.E. training provides an opportunity for students who are hearing to better understand the needs of their peers who are deaf or hard of hearing. This program uses a hands-on, experiential education model and incorporates group activities and discussions to facilitate student learning.

This comfortable safe environment encourages students who are deaf or hard of hearing to express their feelings and share some of the challenges they face in their everyday lives as well as respond to questions their classmates may have.

Working Together

To assist with the development and implementation of a specialized program for each student who is deaf or hard of hearing, consultation occurs with their case manager, classroom teacher, parent(s) and a Public School Outreach consultant.

The program consists of a variety of activities focusing on topics such:

•  Communication

•  Respecting diversity

•  Assistive technology

•  Life with a hearing loss

W.I.S.E. Diversity Awareness Criteria

•  Session length of 2 - 2 1/2 hours

•  Class presentation size of up to 45 students

•  Classroom teacher's participation is required

•  Other service providers are encouraged to participate

•  The student with a hearing loss must be present - if absent, the program will be rescheduled