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Our Beliefs and Expectations for Student Learning

Our statewide community of students, families, personnel, alumni, and school board affirms its commitment to honor and respect each student as a unique and whole person. We support activities that promote physical development, emotional maturity, leadership, fellowship, and build strength of character. We also dedicate ourselves to providing a continuum of educational opportunities, which will assure that each student:

  • Is held accountable to the highest expectations for academic achievement and personal responsibility;
  • Has the opportunity to grow to full potential as a contributing member of society, with an awareness of the meaning of freedom and the responsibilities of citizenship;
  • Will acquire skills in evaluative reasoning and effective communication;
  • Is nurtured to develop a sense of respect for self and others as well as an appreciation of others’ views;
  • Is encouraged to complete school and aspire to advanced education;
  • Is provided the tools to make learning a life-long experience.