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Next Webinar: December 5, 2017

"How Self-Confidence Affects Acceptance of Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants"


This webinar will explore self confidence in children who wear hearing assistive technology such as hearing aids and   cochlear implants, and how that affects their willingness to wear their technology on a daily basis. We will discuss what grades students are most likely to reject hearing assistive technology, and how building self confidence can help.

About the Presenters:

Cathy Glover has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Deaf Education.  She has worked with young Deaf & hard of hearing children for over 25 years. She works for the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MECDHH) as a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Early Childhood Specialist for children birth through age 5. Cathy is fluent in American Sign Language, Manually Coded English, Cued Speech, and well versed in Listening and Spoken Language techniques, as well as all current hearing assistive technology.

Kristen Q. Shorey, M.Ed earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Regular & Special Education from Wheelock College. She received her Masterís Degree in Special Education from Grand Canyon University and a Leadership Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate from Gallaudet University. Kristen is a certified Special Educator and Teacher of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing. She has worked in the field of early intervention and special education for 24 years with a concentration in deaf education for the last eleven.  She also has extensive experience working with children on the autism spectrum, those that use augmentative communication, as well as children with multiple disabilities. Kristen currently works for MECDHH as an ECFS (Early Childhood and Family Services)  specialist where she consults with families, daycare & Part C providers, and preschool programs across Maine

Who Should Attend?

Parents of children who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, teachers who have children in their classrooms who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, therapists who work with children who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants.

The participants will develop an understanding of ...

  1. How wearing hearing assistive technology can affect the self confidence of children who have different hearing levels.
  2. How building the confidence of children who wear hearing assistive technology can boost their willingness to wear it consistently.
  3. What grades / ages children who wear hearing assistive technology are most likely to refuse to wear it.
  4. Tips and techniques for helping to build resilience and confidence in a child who wears hearing assistive technology.

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