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Public School Outreach

Outreach services are provided to children ages 3 to 22 throughout the State of Maine by MECDHH’s Statewide Education and Family Services (SEFS). Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, ASL Specialists and Special Educators travel to daycares, preschools and both public and private schools throughout Maine to work with families and professionals that are supporting deaf and hard of hearing children in their school settings. They collaborate with Maine’s Child Development Services (CDS) for children ages 3-5 and with public and private schools for children in grades K-12. They offer consultation and direct specialized instruction to students using all communication approaches.

Services offered per referral

  • Specially Designed Instruction (MECDHH/GBSD ensures staffing up to four hours a week towards the child’s determined IEP services)
  • Consultation
  • Parent Training and Counseling (ASL, Cued Language)
  • Evaluations:
    • American Sign Language Evaluations
    • Speech Language Evaluations
    • Functional Listening Evaluations
  • Coordination of statewide Hearing Assistive Technology
  • Coordination of statewide ASL Interpreting services and Cued
  • Speech Transliteration Services

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