We will be holding 2 focus groups on March 6 to gather input for our executive director search. For details please visit our Events page HERE.

East End Community School

The MECDHH/GBSD East End Community School (EECS) program is a unique collaboration that offers our elementary deaf and hard of hearing students, grades K through 5 who are deaf or hard of hearing, Deaf education and inclusive opportunities. Each student follows their individualized language plan that is reviewed annually. American Sign Language (ASL), spoken language, and Cued Speech are all supported. ASL  interpreting services are available when needed.

The EECS program is designed to encourage students to join their hearing peers for special classes like art and gym, or for some or all academic classes.

Kindergarten Readiness

The EECS team is a diverse group of experienced teachers, therapists, and educational technicians who have a broad range of strengths and experience. This collaboration culminates in the creation of a continuously reviewed and updated Individual Education Program (IEP) for each student.