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Lyman Moore Middle School

The MECDHH/GBSD program at Lyman Moore Middle School (LMMS) is a unique collaboration that offers our students Deaf Education and inclusive opportunities. Services are provided to deaf and hard of hearing students through direct instruction or consultation. Students attend classes in the Deaf education and mainstream learning environment.  Each student follows their individualized language plan that is reviewed annually. American Sign Language (ASL), spoken language, and Cued Speech are all options supported through our programming. ASL interpreting services are provided. The LMMS team maintains high expectations for every student.  The LMMS program is designed to foster independence and advocacy skills in each student.

We are proud of our partnership with Lyman Moore Middle School and believe this program offers our students opportunities for social and academic success.

The LMMS team is a diverse group of experienced teachers, therapists and educational technicians with a  broad range of strengths and experiences. Working together they collaborate to provide appropriate, evidenced based services for their students. This collaboration culminates in the creation of a  continuously reviewed and updated Individual Education Program (IEP) for each student.