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Meet Our Community

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Deaf Mentor/ASL Family Training Program

The Deaf Mentor Program offers families the opportunity to meet Deaf and hard-of-hearing adults with different experiences and varying educational backgrounds. Families are encouraged to ask questions and have discussions about the Deaf or Hard of Hearing adult’s lived experiences. The Deaf Mentor program supports families in implementing bilingual/bicultural home-based programming for young children. Services are embedded into child’s early intervention services.
These providers have received specific training and certification from the National Deaf Mentor Program and a Bachelors or Masters Degree from an accredited college or university.
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Meet Maine Hands & Voices Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guides

Maine Hands & Voices offers the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guide Program. This is an opportunity for families to meet Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults at any time throughout their journey. This may allow those families to gain exposure to the diverse community of Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults and professionals, learn about their life experiences, and provide a look into what the future may hold for their children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Visit our website.

Meet Maine Association of the Deaf

The Maine Association of the Deaf, Inc. (MeAD) is a non-profit organization serving the Deaf community of Maine. MeAD is among the oldest organizations in the nation serving the Deaf community. The object of the Association is to promote the social, recreational, educational, civic, and economic welfare of all deaf citizens within the State of Maine and to cooperate with other associations for the purpose of advancing the cause of the Deaf on a national scale. Visit our website.