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Parent, Infant, Toddler Program

The Parent, Infant, Toddler Program offers a variety of support and services to parent/ caregivers and children who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have suspected hearing loss.  A multidisciplinary approach is used to meet the individual needs of families and children. Services include playgroups and regional outings.

Play Groups

In supporting a continuum of communication options, our play-group includes modeling strategies within play-based centers for listening, spoken language and American Sign Language Development.  Parent Infant Toddler playgroups are held in 8 week sessions for the Fall, Winter, and Spring one day each week.

ASL/Spoken English story time gives families and children access regardless of their primary language.  Teachers of the Deaf, Deaf Mentors, Audiologists, and Speech Language Pathologists provide resources and are available for consultation throughout the morning.

This playgroup is aimed for families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, who want to meet other families, gather information and have a good time!  Parents have the opportunity to connect and build relationships.

A class for families who are interested in learning American Sign Language is offered after the playgroup for families who want to be involved.

Families are welcome to stay for lunch after the play-group and enjoy more time together.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Regional Outings

A variety of outings are set up statewide throughout the year to provide opportunities for families to meet and socialize in community settings.  Teachers of the Deaf and/or special educators join these events to provide support for families.